Worker Bee


Reserve your spots for the number of hours you need!
Minimum of 2 hours per session.

Royal Bee


As a Royal Bee, you can get monthly passes and enjoy our community benefits (Friday lunch talks, featured on newsletter)!


  • Local Professional Network
    Cowork with local freelancers and entrepreneurs, connect during lunch time and meet the broader community through our events!
  • Get work done
    No more noisy coffee shop or unproductive times alone at home. Enjoy the comfort of a conducive coworking home, with WiFi, coffee/tea, when and where you need.
  • Rollover Hours
    Didn’t use all your hours this month? Royal Bees with 80 hrs passes can roll over up their hours over 3 consecutive months. Rollover hours expire after 3 months.

Common Questions

How does the free trial work?

Your trial date begins upon signup. You then have 2 weeks to use your free hours on the platform.
We recommend you pin our page on your phone! You’ll be able to see and book all the coworking Hives nearby. Pick one, reserve a timeslot and get work done around nice people. Remember to respect your check out times or book more hours on the website.

Do I have to commit to pay if I get the free trial?

Nope. No credit cards, no charges. Just enjoy! The free trial can be used only once per person.

Which pass should I choose?

It depends on how many hours you’d like to cowork each month! It’s incredibly flexible for you to adapt your pass to your current schedule. The hours bought expire after a month, except for the Royal Bees with a 80hrs pass who can rollover their hours over the next 3 months after which they would expire. The 25hrs and 80hrs passes automatically renew each month. We will send you reminders in case you would like to opt out.

Can I be both a host and a guest?

Yes! Please sign up as a host and our team will be shortly in touch.

Hīven Pay-as-you-go & Monthly Passes