Creating workplaces where all professionals feel welcome and comfortable requires a foundation of mutual respect and trust. As Hīven keeps growing, it’s crucial to ensure that these community guidelines are understood, enforced and constantly promoted among all our Members.

These Community Guidelines are part of and use words and phrases defined in the Hīven Terms of Service. We may moderate, remove or edit any Content that violates these Community Guidelines. We may also suspend or terminate an Account for serious violations. If you have any questions about these Community Guidelines or if you believe that a member has violated these Community Guidelines, please contact us.

You must agree to these Community Guidelines, as part of the Hīven Terms of Service, to use of the Platform and Services. Please read them carefully and only use the Platform or Services if you agree to abide by them.


To build a robust and enjoyable coworking community, authenticity is key – trusting who your host or coworker is, and what their intentions are, are essential to a healthy marketplace.

  • Misrepresenting yourself

You should not provide any false information regarding your identity, connect with other members for commercial purposes, have duplicate accounts, or create an account if you’re under 18.

  • Misrepresenting your spaces

You should provide the accurate location of the listing, always keep your availability updated, and not mislead people about the type, amenities, physical aspects or details of your listing, set up fake or fraudulent listings, leave fraudulent reviews, engage in abusive additional charges, or fail to disclose hazards and habitability issues.



What makes a Hīven coworking session unique is how every Hive, coworker and host are unique. It is therefore critical it to trust each other’s reliability – whether it be in fast communication, the condition of the Hive, or in the expectations set.

  • Providing a quality experience

The minimum required for a Hive is to provide running water, electricity, internet connection, cleanliness.

  • Keeping commitments

Besides exceptional circumstances, you should not cancel after the deadline set in the relevant cancellation policy. You should also not fail to make check-in possible, fail to pay, or break the host’s house rules.

  • Being responsive

You should not have persistently and pervasively low ratings, be unresponsive during booking or a couple of hours before it starts. or throughout a stay, fail to provide an adequate contact information for hosting, or refuse to participate in our dispute resolution process.



Hīven is neighborhood-based, helping both local residents pay off their rent, and local entrepreneurs afford a quality coworking space nearby. It is part of our DNA to be inclusive, help and respect each other.

  • Discrimination

You should everyone as you would like to be treated. Hīven takes very seriously any different treatment because of race, ethnicity, birth country, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or disability.

  • Harassment

You should not share personal information outside of the platform to defame others, manipulate reviews or content, or blackmail others.

  • Noise and disrupting neighborhood

You use Hīven for work purposes, therefore you should not disrupt or create or nuisance for your coworkers or local residents.



Our top priority is to maintain a trusted community where all members feel safe. We therefore require that you do not endanger or threaten anyone.

  • Harm

You should not commit physical or sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, domestic violence, robbery, other acts of violence, or hold anyone against their will.

Members of dangerous organizations, including terrorist, organized criminal, and violent racist groups, are not welcome in this community.

  • Threat

You should not intentionally harm anyone by your words or physical actions. We take threats of self-injury very seriously and we will intervene if such a threat arises.

  • Hazardous situations

You should not have any weapons easily accessible or unsecured, nor dangerous animals in your listing. You should take all possible measures to reduce the likelihood of a fire and plan for an emergency exit.



Whether you’re a Host opening your home during the day or a Guest sharing your work day with other coworkers, you should trust that you will feel secure. We request you to respect other’s property, information, work, and personal belongings.

  • Theft, vandalism, or extortion

You should not take property that isn’t yours, use someone’s property without their permission, copy others’ keys, damage others’ property, remain in listings after a stay is concluded, or threaten anyone with bad ratings or any other penalty or harm to obtain compensation or other benefits.

  • Spam, phishing, or fraud

You should not commit booking fraud, credit card fraud, or launder money; attempt to drive traffic to other sites or market unrelated products; divert payments meant for others; abuse our referrals system; or make false claims against other members of the community.

  • Violating others’ privacy or intellectual property rights

You should not spy on other people; cameras are not allowed in your listing unless they are previously disclosed and visible, and they are never permitted in private spaces (such as bathrooms). Audio recordings are never allowed. You should not access others’ accounts without authorization or violate others’ privacy, copyrights, or trademarks.